Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unscented Air Deodorizer?

Does anyone know of a product that will take care of teenage-boy odors, but not leave any scent behind? My son%26#039;s room always smells kinda funny, but he doesn%26#039;t like the smell of air fresheners. There are so many choices at the store, but I have no idea what really works. Thanks!

Unscented Air Deodorizer?
Oust actually has an unscented spray. I am allergic to most fragranced sprays, so I was very excited to finally find this product. It smells just a little at first (basically enough so that you know it is actually spraying) and then goes away quickly.

Oust Air Sanitizer: fragrance free

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Natural Clothes Deodorizer in Closet?

is there something I could put in my closet to keeep my suits smelling fresh.I dry clean my suits and they are good for a few wears before I take them to the cleaners I do smoke (don%26#039;t attack me) and wonder if therew is something that can neautalize the smoke odor. Would a bowl of vinegar or baking soda work?

Natural Clothes Deodorizer in Closet?
Cedar Chips
Reply:I would say cedar especially for a mans closet

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What pet deodorizer works for you?

When we adopted our dog he was a little smelly. We washed him the first chance we got. He smells great now, but our house is holding the smell. What product can I use until I can open up all the windows on Saturday? What household pet products actually work?

What pet deodorizer works for you?
A product I found on QVC. Its called X-O. It is wonderful for eliminating any odor. There are several ways to use it. You can check it out on QVC.com. Don%26#039;t let the price scare you. The bottle is rather large and last forever because you mix with water. It takes out all my cat odor problems. Even got skunk smell of my dog. We were both happy about that. lol. My daughter has a room mate that uses it to eliminate her ferrets odor. Try it... it works
Reply:i use plug ins that go in your socket and they get rid of all doggy smells in the house,i also use bob martins deodorant spray for dogs it smells nice and lasts for days
Reply:Baking soda


Reply:plain old baking soda just sprinkle on the floor and let sit for about 20 mintues then vaccum up breasto problem gone , hope that helps you i clean houses for a living and use that trick quit often
Reply:Fabreeze Air Effects works good.


The best deodorizer and anti persperant????

ive heard that putting cornstarch, baking soda, sage and rosemary together is effective??? can anyone give truth to this...???? they say all of those 4 ingridients has a certain effect that would drastically reduce body odor...

The best deodorizer and anti persperant????
Doubt, that would work......just buy %26quot;Brut%26quot;
Reply:secret darkens the underarms..try nivea deo..
Reply:I%26#039;ve used Brut for 30 years. Smells good %26amp; when you sweat it still smells like cologne.
Reply:Degree or Dove works well for me %26amp; smells good.
Reply:use degree
Reply:I think Secret Platinum is the best one I%26#039;ve found.
Reply:degree works for me
Reply:Just use sure!
Reply:degree or secret

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What is a really good all-natural air freshener/deodorizer?

I am looking for a really good all-natural air freshener/deodorizer that last a long time but is not full of harmful chemicals. I love for my house to smell good but my kids have allergies and can%26#039;t tolerate most of the air fresheners on the market. Any suggestions?

What is a really good all-natural air freshener/deodorizer?
A great way is to use essential oils. 30-40 drops of a favourite oil mixed with 1.5oz of distilled water and 1.5oz of high proof alcohol (vodka is suitable, rubbing alcohol is not) if you do not want to use alcohol use another 1.5oz of water. Put in a spray bottle

examples of some good blends

-20 drops of lime, 14 drops bergamot, 4 drops ylang ylang

-15 drops bergamot, 15 drops spearmint

or which oils you like
Reply:Try baking soda, cinnamon, mint, anything that smells good to you and is fairly aromatic should do the job. Try Googling to see if you can make some home made potpourris.
Reply:You can also try cedar, some flowers. Google potpourri.
Reply:Citrus makes an excellent air freshner as well....like oranges, lemons or limes an air purifier works too
Reply:Try cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, or whatever you have in your spice rack that you like the scent of. Simmer it on top of your stove but watch that it doesn%26#039;t dry out. You can also put some dryer sheets in the heat vents of your home. Hope it helps.
Reply:All you need is an Air Purifier.

Reply:You can simmer stuff on the stove

Or you can put cinnamon, cloves, whatever and put them in the oven on low heat.

I like putting vinager in the washing machine when I wash my throws or my towels it helps get ride of smell with out adding chemical smells

Or you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and vacuum it up

this would work with any powder.
Reply:I like to simmer some cinnamon and nutmeg in a little sauce pan on the stove. And I sprinkle some dry on my carpet when I vacuum.


Have you heard any bad things about Tidy Cats cat litter deodorizer?

My mother just called to inform me she heard pet experts are advising people not to use powder litter deodorizer. I searched online and couldn%26#039;t find anything about it (though I already know many people refuse to use scoopable litter because of the dusts). She claims she heard it causes cancer or something, but I don%26#039;t know if I believe that.

I%26#039;ve considered using baking soda instead of the flowery-scented Tidy Cats, but the only thing mixing baking soda into the litter does is cause the baking soda, which absorbs the smell, to stink anyway, which defeats the purpose of using it at all. I dunno. Is the litter deodorizer bad?

Have you heard any bad things about Tidy Cats cat litter deodorizer?
This sounds like an %26quot;Old Queen%26#039;s Tale%26quot;. Please check with your vet. I use it because it has better odor control than most of the others. The dust is just clay, the main ingredient in nearly all litters. Clay can form a fine dust as any one who works with it knows. The refusal to use scoopable is because the clay dust is somewhat worse than the regular clay litter, but not really that much. The newer Tidy cat litters are better about dust control.
Reply:no i havent heard that, it shouldnt harm them
Reply:this is easy just keep your litter box changed every day.
Reply:no i use it and it works good for my cat:)
Reply:no i used it for my cats and it worked good
Reply:no, i have never heard of that?? Although one of my cats did get cancer and we do use tidy cats?? But, maybe that%26#039;s just ironic. because my other cat is fine??!!
Reply:I have never heard that before. I use arm and hammer deoderizer anyway, but I%26#039;ve never heard bad things about Tidy Cats. Call your vet, and ask, they can keep you up to date on any recent recalls.


How do I clean Renuzit Apple & Cinnamon cone deodorizer out of my carpet?

I left the cone deodorizer in my car, it got hot, melted some, spilled when I opened it--dripped on my new dining area carpet!

How do I clean Renuzit Apple %26amp; Cinnamon cone deodorizer out of my carpet?
Okay, I%26#039;ve never experienced this as I%26#039;ve never used those types of air fresheners, but being a mom for 27 years and still have lots of kids at home, this is what I%26#039;d try:

Melt the waxy part using a hair dryer and blotting up as much as you can using paper towels. Then use some dry cleaning spot remover. I recommend everyone have one of those home dry cleaning kits available at most stores in the laundry isle. Follow the directions with the spot remover blotting up the spot left behind. You could also try cleaning it with a new or very clean kitchen sponge and blotting it with rubbing alcohol. Good luck! And do let us know what worked for you!
Reply:You can either buy or rent a carpet cleaner or you can just buy a steamer. Steamers are small and can be bought for under $100.00 and they are great to use for many, many things. Most models and brand steamers use plain water and is safe for most carpet. Then if ever anything else spills you can use it again. Also did you know that if you have children, babies, pets around your home it is not safe to have there are new reports that it is contributing to global warming and putting toxic waste in the enviroment as well. There are studies that are being conducted for autism links. It is a scary thing for me as well cause I have a 10 month old baby that until recently I had been using air freshners (constantly) around since she was born. Anyway good luck with your carpet cleaning.

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